Bandung, The city of pigs

Wonderland on wheels

Bandung – the city where people think pig meat is too dirty to eat, yet they live in more filth than the animal itself. It could be a lovely city. Yet it looks (and smells) like a disaster area.  Now there is a new mayor, Ridwan Kamil, who got a foreign (USA) education. He is trying to change Bandung into a place, where humans can live *. He is trying to do everything in the same time – get the filthy food carts off the streets, plant some gardens and find a solution for the trash.

You see, in here they can’t have a normal trash can like us. Someone will steal it.  Then the city council came up with the idea to put just a metal holder with a plastic trash bag, green for organic and white for the non-organic trash. They are still standing (well, some of them).

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